Thousands of low-income Northern Nevada Veterans suffer every day from extreme oral decay. They endure years of severe pain from abscesses, multiple deteriorated teeth and more.

Around 42,000 Veterans are enrolled in the Reno VA Hospital. But only an estimated 10% of them qualify for dental care. Because to qualify for the VA Dental Clinic, Veterans must be:

  • Disabled (100% service connected)
  • Injured in the jaw or mouth while in service
  • Been a prisoner of war
  • This means a shocking 90% of our Veterans can’t receive services through their VA Dental Clinic. As a low-income Veteran, their only hope is AAVD.

What happens if they don’t get help?

Their need is critical. As their oral decay remains untreated, many Veterans endure:

  • Failing overall health as the growing bacteria and inflammation infect their bodies
  • Malnutrition from their inability to chew food
  • Depression from the chronic pain or low self-esteem
  • Worsening of symptoms from current chronic health issues
  • Remaining unemployed because of their appearance and/or constant pain


To participate in the AAVD program, you must

  • Be at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines
  • Enrolled with the VA
  • Under the care of a primary care physician in the VA
  • Following healthcare requirements from your physician
  • A full-time Nevada resident
  • Clean and sober for 1 year
  • Served in the military for a minimum of 1 year
  • Provide proof of income and assets, which may include:
    • All forms of social security
    • Available bank account or investment account statements to include all forms of income and assets
    • Most recent tax return
  • Veterans are asked for a minimal commitment investment
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